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Follow over our shoulder as we set up 3 campaigns that help generate us over $400k every month.

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Evergreen Birthday Campaign

In this case study, we show how we get people to BUY by offering them something special for their birthday.

The best part is that this campaign can be run day after, since the audience you target is dynamic. This allows for great scalability.

Story Time Sales Pitch

In this case study, we show how we target people with longer ad text, that almost acts as a mini blog post.

This type of ad is completely different from traditional ads, so it makes your audience stop and pay attention.

Not only that, we also show how we scale this strategy using numerous lookalike audiences.

Video Revitalization

In this case study, we show how we're scaling with video ads in two unique ways.

The first strategy involves using the same EXACT message we're using with another ad, but using a VIDEO instead of a photo.

The second strategy shows how we combine video with a "bad" message to get people to click on our ads and take action.

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