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Social Scaling Spy Software Is:

  • The premium all-in-one Facebook market research tool, which grants you the ability to uncover hidden premium hot audiences and unlimited ways to run your winning campaigns
  • An in-depth specific keyword search tool to find the best performing products and ads in every single niche
  • A proprietary algorithm based Shopify store finder tool, which will give you endless inspiration to add to your e-commerce empire
  • A Facebook Targeting Research Toolbelt jam packed with 6 modules that will cover everything you need to uncover the secrets of your respective market
  • 100% proven and risk-free for 30 days
  • The only true software that covers every facet of FB marketing

Price increasing when timer hits 0

Important Message: How To Make
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Brad Stephens

Jeremy Salem

Hi again,

First and most importantly, thank you and congratulations for getting inside Social Scaling Formula.

You now have everything you need in order to quickly launch and scale awesome FBad campaigns.

And if you are interested in howto speed up, improve, and automate the Social Scaling Formula process, then I encourage you to read this letter.


The fact of the matter is, far too
many people do not get the results
they want out of the products they
invest in.

Ever wonder why that is?

Because no matter how incredible the information you receive might be, it takes time and energy to learn the info, and put it to work for you.

And with the world of constant information out there, sometimes plans don’t get fully implemented... projects don’t get finished.

That means money wasted and frustration high.

But there is a solution to this
problem. And it’s actually so
simple that it REQUIRES YOU to do
less work.

Think about that for a second.

I’m claiming that for you to have a better chance at success, you
actually have to start working less!

And I can prove that this is true right now.

I experienced it first hand when I personally sought out to...

...automate the entire process for Social Scaling Formula.

Now don’t get me wrong, that came with a chunk of work of its own:

- Getting my process down to laser effectiveness.

- Hiring programmers and developers.

- Investing upwards of $15,000 in development.

- Effectively creating software that can target better than any human alive can.

Because after all, proper
automation means you’re forced to
get it done and you can’t make a

So with my Social Scaling Spy Software working for me...

  • Instantly drill down to the best-selling
    products across FB and Instagram.
  • Pinpoint more golden targeting interests, demographics.
  • Create buyer-hungry audiences in even the
    most competitive niches.
  • Survive and thrive when bumps and dips
    cripple my competition.
  • Scale winners quickly and with laser

Thanks to this unprecedented functionality:

Stunning, Simple Dashboard

A simple and easy to navigate dashboard where you can view your Shopify store and best-selling products and other search results.

All your hard-work in researching your keywords is saved safely for your viewing.

Having your favorite products saved and ready for your viewing frees up your time to do what matters most, like building your strategy.

In Depth, Instant Product Search

Search keywords or key-phrases along with predefined terms to quickly and effectively find the best-selling products across FB and Instagram!

Simply enter your keyword, add pre defined terms and set constraints of the search.

Then hit enter and dive into the world of your market. You will be able to see first-hand which products are getting the most attention across social media!

You’ll be able to apply what you learn and start selling the only the HOTTESTproducts and even tap into niches that are underused and have potential.



Ethical, Powerful Store Spying

Easily look for the best performing Shopify store in any niche using our proprietary search algorithm.

You can see what the best stores are doing by searching them and then looking at their products, themes, layouts or even checkout processes.

You will never again struggle to find new products to add to your store with an endless search result of high-performing stores to get inspiration from.

Targeting Research Tool Belt

This is a tool belt that has 6 individual modules. In combination it is the ultimate tool
for Facebook targeting research.

You can really get down and dirty in terms of research and be on the top, leaving your
competition in the dust. What you can uncover with this tool belt is ENDLESS and you
will have it unlocked with Social Scaling Spy Software.

Inside this jam-packed tool belt:

Facebook Page Search

This module allows you to search for Facebook Pages using specific keywords. You can
even add numerous filters to really narrow down your result to find pages in your super-niche.

You can see the various pages in your specific niche and how they are marketing.You
can even replicate the successful strategies and improve the state of your business with what you uncover.

Media Kit Search

Media Kits are kits of demographic research that is already complete. This research has been done by external sources and is a fantastic source of information pertaining to any niche.

With this module, you will be able to search for Dzmedia kitsdz that relate to your specific niche. The kits have wonderful information about demographics that you can simple copy and paste into your ads. No need to waste time and money researching your demographic.

Similar Sites Search

Find similar websites to any website you want. Be it your own website, yourcompetitors or any website in the niche you want. You will get results for all the similar websites that are available for targeting within your ads.

Targeting your ads using websites as interest is often the best type of interest to target, making this a very powerful tool.

Interest Search

This intuitive module allows you to search for all Facebook interests and shows you their exact audience size. Save time by using the modules intuitive copy/paste function.

With ease, copy and paste multiple interests from your search results directly to your Facebook ad; all with a click of one button! The entire process is automated for you.

Post Search

This module allows you to search posts by a specific website + keyword. You will get a
list of all the Facebook posts using the website and the keyword together. A great way
to research different niches and designs to help give you the inspiration you need to
continue building your e-commerce empire. You can also use this module to search for
the best performing amazon products, CPA offers, affiliate offers and more.

Graph Search

Eliminate user error with Facebook Graph search by using this module. Graph Search will give you easy to input templates that will yield precise and accurate niche research results within Facebook.

Easily set numerous extended search strings to narrow down your results to giveyou what you really want. It erases the fuss from doing it on Facebook as typing in the wrong thing can yield poor, to no, results.

Generating results like this:

This all happens 95%
automatically...meaning I have
time to enjoy with my family,
grow more businesses, and lift up
more people around me!

That’s why if you’re the type of person who wants their business to work for them...

Generating reliable income for you while you do what you love...

Then I know you’ll see why I created the Social Scaling Spy Software.

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So since you understand the power of Social Scaling Formula...

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Price increasing when timer hits 0

If you say ‘‘No’’ to Social Scaling Spy Software, that means:

You’re saying NO to the simplest, fastest way to proven results.

You’re leaving yourself more work, testing, and time before seeing results.

You’re leaving the best targeting groups (that are hiding right under your nose) for your competition to scoop up and profit from instead of you.

You’re risking never getting the results you want, disappointing yourself and your family.

You risk never getting the success you want from your advertising campaigns, giving up on a future that could be so amazing so quickly.

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