From the team that brought you Broad Targeting Formula 2.0

Everyone advertising on FB is using the same targeting strategies and if they’re lucky enough to make a profitable ad, they have no idea how to scale it to the moon without affecting ROI…

Introducing: A Brand New All-in-One FB Ads Course Detailing the Exact Strategies That Work in ANY Niche That We’ve Used to Scale a $200k Per YEAR Business to $500k+ Per MONTH

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What is Social Scaling Formula?

After the success of our launch of Broad Targeting Formula 2.0, (which was promoted by some of the biggest Facebook affiliates due to the high caliber of content) we decided to look beyond JUST targeting and reveal the exact scaling strategies Jeremy has used to scale one of his e-commerce stores from just $200k per year to $500k+ per month (the best part is that these strategies apply to ANY niche).

If you’ve run FB ads before, you know that once you have a profitable ad, scaling that ad is a real art form. Usually, scaling incorrectly kills the ad completely, leaving you discouraged and at best breaking even.

Social Scaling Formula is a video training series covering the exact unique and proven scaling strategies Jeremy uses in his own business (there will be a lot of proof on the sales page).

We also realize that not everyone has the resources to even achieve a profitable FB ad to begin scaling, so we’ve decided to include a full video course on our unique and alternative targeting methods so that your customers really have an “all-in-one” FB ads course that will set them up for success in ANY niche.

The Funnel

  • Front End
  • OTO1
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Plus extra cash prizes throughout the launch! Please note that if you plan on teaming up, we’re allowing teams of up to 3 affiliates and this needs to be communicated to either Jeremy or myself before May 3rd, 11AM ET/NY.

The contest is based off of affiliate commissions earned.



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Up until now, FB ads courses have been released left, right and center.

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