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Brad Stephens

Jeremy Salem

My road to reliably generating paid traffic that pulls BIG profits was not an easy one.

I spent many months in this predicament:

Wake up one morning to a profitable ad campaign... Awesome!

Wake up the next morning to a failing ad campaign... Not awesome!

(Never had a profitable campaign yet? I’ll talk to you in a second...)

This continuously happened to me, not matter what I tried.

I could make a sale here or there, but I couldn’t generate reliable income that I could COUNT on.

But after analyzing this problem...

Not only did I realize a proven, dependable solution ...

I was able to formulize it so that ANYONE can do the same...

You can even check out some of the results from people I’ve shared my formula with – they’re people starting from complete scratch right now:

Just by following my paid traffic scaling system, students are changing their lives!

Why Can Some Profit 6-Figures Per
Month With Paid Ads
But Not You?
The Problem Is: Scaling.

It’s one thing to achieve massive ROI on a Facebook Ad…

…but it’s an even bigger thing to be able to scale that ad and keep that massive ROI while shop sales go through the roof.

When I figured out how to scale my profitable Facebook Ads to the moon, and built a formula around it, I took my Shopify store from 30K a month to now doing 500K a month.

And not just me --- but my students have shown how quickly and easily this change can occur as soon as they implemented my scaling system. Shortly, I’m going to show you this exact formula.

It doesn’t matter if you have an eCom store, an affiliate review site, an eBook, a coaching service, or anything in between…

Shortly, I’m going to show you this exact formula.

But first… I want to lay down the law about some universal, but still unsolved, issues concerning Facebook Ads and your online business…

Maybe this has happened to you before:

You Setup Your Ad Campaign And Make A Sale Or Two…

At this point everything is up and running.

You may even run Facebook Ads and see quick returns on your ad spend.

One day, you wake up and see more sales than ever before.

So what do you do?

You Increase Your Ad Spend Because You Want More Sales…

When you do this, you quickly realize it isn’t that simple anymore.

It’s like maneuvering a machine with many levers and gears and there is no way to know what you're doing.

Maybe you tried some of the things you may have learned from info products or webinars and tried them.

Things like: doubling the budget, setting up lookalike audiences, or even retargeting…

Maybe you’ve tried all of them… or you haven’t known what to try… or how exactly to try it.

Your Attempt At Scaling Ends Up
Instead Of Making You More

But for some odd reason, profits and returns didn’t grow…

If you’re anything like me…

You even ended up spending more on ads than you got in profits for that day.

You stop making money…

And have to turn off your campaign…

Going back to the drawing board…

Doing it all over again…

And if this continues, you’ll eventually have to quit, and be disappointed, and potentially disappoint the people around you.


So it’s important for you to know…

Here’s 3 Reasons Why 99% Of Scaling
Attempts Fail

Most of the time, it’s not your fault. You didn’t know.

You had no direction when you were exposed to a greater complexity in Facebook Ads Marketing.


No Clear Scaling Formula

Seeing your profitable campaign not spread it's wings and fly is a disappointing sight.

With the bombardment of “Facebook Ads” experts telling you to do a million things, how do you know which way to go?

There are too many damn variables.

Unfortunately, that’s why most Ad scaling attempts fail.

But that’s okay, because nearly no one knows how to properly scale ad campaigns.

And that’s why I’m here, to show you the simple solution to the following problems:


Not knowing metric ton of variables that come with ad scaling:

- Sub-Targets and Super Niches

- Time of Day Psychology

- Consumer Behavior Psychology

- Geo-Location Behavioral Segmentation


Not being able to implement because you have no clear plan. Do you…

- Incrementally increase budgets?

- Split ads into advanced segments?

- Set up new ad sets with “cross interests”?

- Effectively use lookalike audiences?

- Set up the correct retargeting campaigns?

But take a second to picture how glorious it’ll be when you know exactly how to get profitable and scale, big, fast, hard, because…

The Truth Is: There’s A Proven Way To
Scale Any Social Media Campaign

You don’t need yet another ineffective type of Facebook Ads strategy…

The type that you see flying all over the place.

You don’t need – and can’t survive – on one “golden ad", that makes all your money…

There is no such thing.

You need the proven ways to launch dozens of winners simultaneously…

And take them ALL to the sky.

So that you sell your physical, digital, service, affiliate products, or CPA offers all day long, in a way that you can depend on.

There is a simple and systematic way to do this.

And once you have it, you’ll be able to start and scale your campaigns with the potential of…

…hitting 6-figures every month…

To be frank, I have worked way too hard for way too long to not to share this system.

And because these scaling strategies work in every possible niche, at any possible level, with any possible budget… I know they’ll be useful for you.

From my journey through Facebook Ads Marketing, I have compiled a Video Course for you. Inside, I give you a detailed course on my exact strategies that I use to create and scale profitable Facebook Ads.

The same strategies that took my 30k a month Shopify store to a booming 500k a month powerhouse.

…The direction you need…

Social Scaling Formula will give you the direction you need to scale your Facebook Ads for any niche.

And if you’ve never had a profitable campaign…

If you’ve never even sold a product before, then you need this direction, and you need it right now.

I will give you EVERYTHING you need to create your first profitable campaign and scale it to life-changing heights.

So if you haven't even made $1 with Facebook ads yet, don't stress! We have gone above and beyond and we have included our entire best-selling course (Broad Targeting Formula 2.0) on how to get started with Facebook ads and how to drill down to the BEST audiences to target with your FB ads.

This will guarantee a successful campaign that you can begin scaling immediately (we have countless success stories)!

With the Video Course inside, you will have all the knowledge and detailed steps you need in order for your online store, service, lead generation campaign, affiliate marketing campaign or ANYTHING else to succeed the way you want it to.

I wasn’t satisfied with my store, regardless if my ads were profitable. I wanted to grow and expand beyond what I was used to.

And so do you.

Inside Social Scaling Formula, You’ll Discover:

Target Angle Realignment

You will learn how to pivot different messages to different types of people that will help you scale your ads better. This is important because there is no such “golden ad” or “golden audience.” You must be able to pivot and be “light on your feet” if you want to scale your ads.

Super Targeting Demographic and Placement Strategy

You will learn how to scramble ad demographics with different placements to set the foreground for your scaling success. Once you learn that people react differently, you have to create different ads for the different possible outcomes. Doing so sets you up for easier scaling when you do decide to scale your ads.

Video Invigoration

You will learn the importance of video marketing and how cheap your ads can get with the proper syndication of videos. The rise of video is upon us and you will need to be on the forefront of social video advertising if you want to scale quickly.

Super Targeting Data Driven Ads Formula

You’ll discover how to create ads that will captivate and personally relate to the audience. You can even use the geo-location based strategies in this module to take your super targeted ads even further. This will surely make your potential customer feel special and want to opt-in or even buy.

Ride The Carousel

Carousel ads are underused and underrated. But their potential is huge. They are extremely versatile and once they are in your arsenal of knowledge, you can scale indefinitely. This goes well with Target Angle Realignment as you want to hit them from different angles.

Social Proof Prescription

No ads copy is more powerful than the EXACT words your customers say. This module will show you a solid way to generate user feedback and how to use it in your ads. This tactic and all that comes with it is one of the ways I use to scale all of my ads on all of my social media channels.

Lookalike Amplification

You will learn how to extremely BOOST your lookalike campaign performance by utilizing the combination technique. I will show you the different ways you can utilize lookalike audiences by teaching you the many options and types, and the many functions you can do.


Instagram has proven time and time again that it is a low investment, high return media channel that is totally underutilized by advertisers. You will learn how to utilize Instagram so you can finally tap into the millions of users that are ready to buy your product in as little as 2 hours from now.

Blog Primer

The best audience on Facebook is a pixel audience that has seen your content before.

You get the best use out of your pixel with blog posts. Whether or not you are using a blog, chances are you could be doing better. This module will show you the ins and outs of driving traffic to blog posts and using it to scale ads with your pixel audience.

These same exact strategies took me from
30K to 500K per month.

I can’t wait for you to have them.

Anyone can do this, especially you. This formula is for every niche and every type of online business...

If you want your first successful ecommerce store…

If you want a $10,000.00 coaching client next month…

If you want to win your next affiliate promotion…

If you want to scale any existing online business, to 5, or even 6 figures a month...

Then I hope you see that I’ve made Social Scaling Formula for you.

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The risk is all on me to prove that Social Scaling Formula does everything I say it does and more.

If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with Social Scaling Formula…

If your Social Scaling Formula only helps you generate an extra $1,000 next month, and you wanted $1,001… or anything else…

All you’ll have to do is click your mouse, and you’ll receive an immediate and full refund of your investment today (inside of our 30 day refund period).

Get Social Scaling Formula with confidence, peace of mind and most importantly excitement, because Social Scaling Formula is going to scale each and every business you touch.

PLUS…for getting Social Scaling
Formula today…

BONUS #1 : Google

If you thought Facebook retargeting pixel was powerful, Google remarketing is a whole other level. It’s actually one of the things those big fish use to get on top and stay there. Mastering Google remarketing is indeed an art and you will have access to that skill with this bonus.

With this you’ll see the many value takeaways that can be applied to other marketing tactics too. The psychology and sociology involved with this can be used in any marketing sense.

Retail Value: $197, Yours Free Today.

BONUS #2 : Broad Targeting
Formula 2.0

We realize that not everyone has the resources to achieve a profitable FB ad to begin scaling, so we’ve decided to include our best-selling course on our unique and alternative targeting methods that unlock "hidden" audiences so that you really have an "all-in-one" FB ads course that will set you up for success in ANY niche.

Retail Value: $97, Yours Free Today.

No matter where your business is at,
your future success depends on how well you scale.

If you don’t learn the proper (simple and powerful) ways to scale…

You will be stuck in, what I like to call, a time-money loop…

Where you are spending both time and money… But getting very little, if anything, in return for all of your effort…

If you continue on this loop, you may find yourself trying to launch new projects, campaigns and stores, without ever being able to become successful.

You will not only disappoint yourself, but your loved ones around you.

If you’ve got a family that depends on you, like I do, then you simply can’t have this.

Why would you risk this happening… staying stuck in the loop, frustrated… when Social Scaling Formula is 100% risk-free and guaranteed?

Missing out just doesn’t make sense.

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It’s time for you to take the most
powerful scaling strategies in existence…

Apply them to your business…
and become more profitable
in literally hours.

Maybe you’re online business is already in a good place, but I want to take you to a better place.

A place where the effort you’re already putting in, can bring a lot more prosperity to you, your family and loved ones.

Making you able to earn more money, while not having to sacrifice precious time with your loved ones…

Making you able to live stress free and have confidence in the success of your business…

Giving you what life is like, once you have figured it out… The exact comfort, pride, and happiness you’re looking for.

Social Scaling Formula will take you there.

THIS incredible life is what we’re all here for.

This is why I do what I do, and teach others.

I can’t wait for you use Social Scaling Formula to sow and reap all the profits that are at your fingertips. This is going to be awesome.

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